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Mark Steinruck has launched the revamped website. I've been participating in the discussion boards in for about a month now. I find it's a great source to keep up with Nittany Lion sports all year round. Fans that find themselves turned off by the uncivil behavior exhibited on other message boards will find the message boards a refreshing alternative. The participants are more civilized and knowledgeable than other boards.

The site also includes preview and post game articles by Mike Clark and Apparao Prattipati, live chat rooms, fan photo galleries, and a new blog hosted by former PSU player Tony Pittman. I can't wait to read the insider perspective from a former player. And at Mark's request, your humble BSD host will also be contributing articles from time to time. So that right there is good enough reason to check it out.

This is a great site for any Nittany Lion fan. I've included a link on the sidebar for your convenience. Go there, bookmark it, and check back in every day.