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PSU Depth Chart

Penn State released the depth chart for the Akron game. Here are some quick observations

  1. No real surprises with the starters. Everyone that was anticipated to be the starter going into fall practice kept the job. The only question mark seems to be at Hero where the starter is listed as McCready or Scirrotto.
  2. None of the true freshmen are listed on the depth chart.
  3. The backup quarterback position is still a tossup between Cianciolo and Clark who are both listed as the #2. Clark has reportedly made major strides the last few weeks. Had he not been forced to sit out the spring practice, he would probably be the clear #2.
  4. Derrick Williams and Rodney Kinlaw will be returning the kicks
  5. Anthony Scirrotto will be returning the punts. I'm a little disappointed in this. Scirrotto is quick, but there are faster kids on the team. I think the coaches put too much emphasis on "just catching the ball." I would accept an occasional fumble if it meant also occasionally taking one to the house. Give me a kid who that catches it 95% of the time and return it twenty yards over the kid that catches it 100% of the time and averages five yards a return.
Anybody see something I missed?