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Bulletin Board Material

Here is a little bulletin board material for any Penn State fans or players out there. This is fresh off the Akron Zips message board at

People have called me dumb and crazy but the more and more I read I think the Zips are coming out on top in this one 27 - 24...I think the heart break kids are back and going to break Penn States heart's in less then three days!!

I watched the Penn State preview show the other night and the team would brake on National Champs on three. I feel bad for them they aren't even going to make it past week one.

I've been seeing Penn State fans predict a win for the Zips. They think our D has improved greatly, and they aren't exactly brimming with confidence about Morelli. Plus they only hear good things regarding Getsy. Akron 31, Penn State 28

When we played NIU and Memphis, we played against two of the most elite running games in the country. They ran over everybody they played. There is no shame in letting two of the top 5 RBs in the nation rack up yards. They wouldn't be considered the best if they weren't able to do that. Penn State does not have such an elite back.