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Oh Crap!

I remember attending a game against Pitt back in the early '90's. My uncle and I were sitting in the upper deck on the north endzone. It must have been 40 degrees with 35 mph winds and driving rain. It was so miserable we left at halftime. Penn State was up two touchdowns and we felt our need to get warm and dry outweighed our need to support the team. It was the only game I have ever left early and I have not sat in the upper deck since. At least it won't be that cold this weekend.

Anyone remember any other games like that? Was anyone at the legendary 1995 Snow Bowl game against Michigan? I was there. The student section was basically a snowball fight for the entire game. I remember the students were throwing snowballs on the field and Joe came down into the endzone twice to yell at us. I will always contend the student section won that game by throwing snow on the field. The winning touchdown was scored in that corner as Bobby Engram jumped up for the catch and the defender slipped to the turf. That was the last time we beat THEM.