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BlogPoll Week 4

Let's start with the disclosure. I didn't watch much football this week. I attended the PSU-Youngstown State game at Beaver Stadium. Got home in time to catch some of the Nebraska-USC and Tennessee-Florida games, but didn't stay up to see the end of either. Here's my ballot for this week.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Auburn --
3 Southern Cal --
4 Michigan 5
5 West Virginia --
6 Texas 1
7 Florida 4
8 Georgia --
9 Louisville 4
10 Virginia Tech 6
11 Iowa 1
12 Notre Dame 8
13 Oregon 4
14 Louisiana State 8
15 Boston College 5
16 Georgia Tech 6
17 Clemson 9
18 TCU 8
19 Tennessee 4
20 Cal 6
21 Nebraska 7
22 Boise State 1
23 Alabama 3
24 Oklahoma 14
25 Navy 2

Dropped Out: Florida State (#18), Miami (Florida) (#19), UCLA (#24), Penn State (#25).

Obviously, the losers dropped. (Notre Dame, Tennessee, Florida State, Nebraska, LSU, Miami and Oklahoma.) I feel like my top 10 is pretty solid other than Louisville. Now they've lost their quarterback and runningback. The Cinderella season may be coming to an end soon. But for this week we will allow them to bask in the glory of their win over Miami. Once you get outside of my top 10, I don't have a clue who to rank between 11-25. Throw all those teams in a hat and draw names and I would probably go with it. Let me know what you think. I can change my ballot until 10 AM on Wednesday.

Update: At Brian's suggestion, I put Tennessee back on the list. This means the Lions get bumped off the top 25, which may have been his motivation the whole time.