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Tuesday Quick Hits

A collection of the best of the web for your Tuesday morning.

You know this is a big game this week when ESPN Gameday is coming to town.

This Saturday will be the 11th time Joe Paterno has coached against the #1 team in the country.

Unfortunately, Penn State has not had much success at the Shoe.

Fortunately, Penn State seems to have found their ground game.

But Tom Bradley is worried about how they are going to stop That Guy.

And finally, a poster on Fight on State claims the University has banned the Nittany Lion from crowd surfing in the Junior and Senior sections because the students were passing him up into the luxury boxes. I haven't been able to find an official press release from the University to confirm this, but if it's true this is an outrage. Passing the Lion is one of the greatest of Penn State traditions and must be preserved. We can't allow one or two snobby alumni to ruin this. You know who these people are. They show up thirty minutes before kickoff in their BMW's and park right up against the stadium and enter through their special VIP entrance. Then they sit in their heated/air conditioned luxury box watching the game on television and sipping Chardonnay while the rest of us sit in the rain soaked to the bone huddling around a cup of coffee to keep our hands warm. We chant "We Want the Lion!" in hopes of being part of the chain of people taking part in the great tradition of elevating the Lion to the top of the stadium. But they would rather sit in their box removed from the masses watching Brent Musburger call the game on television. If it's a blowout they switch to the Notre Dame game. Then they go to work on Monday and tell everyone what a great time they had watching the game from their luxury box. If these people have that much influence on the University, I weep for the future of Penn State.