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Joe's Rough Week

According to Fight On State, Joe Paterno took a pretty nasty hit in practice on Tuesday. Yesterday put out this statement:

"While discussing the previous play with another player, Coach Paterno was overrun by a tight end and safety at full speed at Tuesday's practice. Nothing was broken and he finished practice, but as expected, awoke sore today and will limit himself to team only activities for the next few days."

At 80 years old, a flat footed old man gets cold cocked by a tight end and a safety running at full speed. Gets up, brushes himself off, and gets on with practice. Just a little sore the next day. Joe says he should be good to go this Saturday.

Amazing. Most 80 year old guys need hip replacements after falling out of a chair. What is this guy made of? Is there a tougher 80 year old in the world? BSD was unable to obtain video of the incident, but we speculate it looked something like this: