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General Thoughts on Week One

Sorry for the thin posting this weekend. I went to the game Saturday and did the family thing on Sunday. Today I drove home to Philly and had to mow the grass. But here are some thoughts on this weekend.

I nailed it when I predicted a final score of 34-16 against Akron.

The Big Ten went 11-0 in OOC play this week.

Cal was way overrated, which is why I had them at #20 in the blogpoll.

Had Reggie Ball not lost his cool and focused on running the offense instead of getting petty flags from the refs, GA Tech would have beaten Notre Dame.

I'm perfect in my college pick 'em game going into tonights game with FSU and Miami. As I type this I'm watching FSU do everything they can to blow this game. If Miami wins, I'm never listening to Brandi or Anonymous Hero again.

We've got a big week ahead of us. I have some interesting stuff I'm cooking up for you guys including some roundtable discussions with some Notre Dame bloggers and my preview of the game with the Irish.