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Paterno Puts the Moves on Katie Couric

Well, not really. But the CBS evening news will feature a story about Joe Paterno and Penn State on Thursday night. The story will discuss the "principles and values feeding the Success with Honor athletic brand."

Everyone not loyal to the Penn State family hates these stories. But I love stories like this that emphasize the great things about Paterno and Penn State. It's great to show people you can win while insisting your kids go to class, get good grades, work hard, and respect your opponent. I'm always amazed how Penn State can tell recruits they are basically going to be reduced to worker bees. They will have no identity, no name on their jersey, they won't get to talk (much) to the media, and they will not be hyped for the Heisman. They are expected to show up and work their ass off and nobody is going to give you any special praise for it. And yet kids still want to go there. I'm looking forward to watching this story.