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College Pick 'Em Week 2

After perfectly predicting the score of the Akron-PSU game last week, I backed it up with a perfect 12-0 in my Roll 'Bama Roll Pick 'Em game thanks to some help from Brandi and the dubiously named Anonymous Hero. But this week the picks are a bit harder so I'll have to step up my game. Here are the games with my picks in bold.

Central Michigan at Michigan
Auburn at Mississippi State
Penn State at Notre Dame
Clemson at Boston College
Colorado at Colorade State
Troy at Florida State
Eastern Michigan at West Virginia
Vanderbilt at Alabama
UCF at Florida
Arizona at LSU
Georgia at South Carolina
Ohio State at Texas

I have to go with Penn State, so no arguing that one. I'm not sure about the Colorado matchup given their complete implosion last week. So I'm counting on the Buffalos coming out with something to prove and getting the ship headed in the right direction. I felt pretty confident about Georgia over South Carolina until last night I heard Kirk Herbstreit all but garauntee an SC win. I'm picking Ohio State over Texas just because they looked so good last week and Texas is starting a freshman QB and lost their starting corner for this week. Plus the fact Brandi likes tOSU.

Again, this is a group effort so let me know if you want me to change anything.