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New Years Day Bowl Pick 'Em Update

New standings through the Gator Bowl. Wisconsin in another upset over Arkansas. West Virginia comes back to win, but not enough to cover the seven point spread. That hurt a lot of people. Still time to get bets in on the Fiesta Bowl tonight.
***End of Update***

Two games down so far. Penn State upset Tennessee and Nebraska lost to Auburn, but beat the spread. MadLionChuck has taken the lead on a huge $10,000 bet on the Nittany Lions. West Virginia and Arkansas are both trailing at the half which could hurt a lot of people if those two teams don't get things turned around. Here are the mid day standings.

On a programming note, I'm cutting off new entries at this point to prevent people from exhausting their bankrolls and reentering the contest under another name. Not that any of you are cheaters. Just to give you piece of mind that everything is on the up and up.