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Penn State Beat Tennessee In The Outback Bowl

Final Score

Tennessee - 10
Penn State - 20

Rocky Top Talk has a really cool animated drive chart, so go check that out.

With eight months until we get our next dose of Penn State football, there will be plenty of time to break down the game and discuss what this means for 2007. We'll get into all that in the days to follow. Tonight, I'm just going to enjoy the win and watch some more football.

What a satisfying win it was. Penn State finally got over the hump and beat a ranked team. Doubly satisfying is that not many people gave us a chance. For the past month we heard all about Tennessee's "southern speed". Corso and Herbstreit each picked the Volunteers to win. This win should be enough to crack PSU into the top 25 final season rankings and possibly set up a high ranking in the 2007 preseason polls.