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Wednesday Quick Hits

Really busy this week, so I'm not finding much time to brainstorm new posts for you. Regular hard core posting should resume in a few days. Here are some quick hits for you.

Joel kicked off the nominations for the College Football Blogger Awards today.

MGoBLog introduced the first round of nominations.
Burnt Orange Nation did the second round.
Every Day Should Be Saturday introduced the third round.
Dawg Sports took the fourth round.
And finally Joel wrapped it all up.

Your humble blogger was given a token link nominated for the Blogger Championship Series for the Best Big Ten Blog. Stiff competition with MGoBLog, The M Zone, The Ciskie Blog, and Buckeye Commentary. I may not even show up to the awards ceremony. If I do it will just be for the aur dourves and the kick-ass swag. Wait, what?

While you're at MGoBlog, check out the Final BlogPoll. Penn State at #23! wOot!!11!!