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Thursday Quick Hits

I'm traveling today, so only some time for some quick hits for you.

Jay Alford, Ed Johnson, and Tim Shaw will play in the Hula Bowl this weekend.

Wideout Jordan Norwood is going to try out for the PSU basketball team

Ohio State literally shot themselves in the foot on Monday night. While it may have been fun watching our arch enemy Buckeyes and Wolverines get plastered in their bowl games, the Big Ten has taken a serious hit to its image this bowl season.

It was a long road back after losing to Ohio State, but Penn State finally cracked the Top 25 in the final polls. The Altoona Mirror takes a look at Penn State's chances in 2007.

Yost has the greatest Christmas gift like, ever.

Finally, SMQ says maybe we should give Boise State a look as the National Champion. Nah, not so much.