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LeSean McCoy Is Dead to Me

Well, the people have spoken, and they say they want to read more about recruiting. So today you'll get it, although it's probably not the kind of news you want to hear.

LeSean McCoy, the highly touted running back that Penn State has been courting off and on for two years, took a visit to Pitt this weekend. At the Pitt-Georgetown basketball game the fans cheered louder for McCoy than they did the game. Apparently McCoy fell for the adoration and today he committed to the Panthers.

McCoy was rumored to be Penn State bound all through 2005. Internet rumor stated during his official visit to Penn State he got in a fight with Michael Robinson which led him to commit to Miami. But either his grades or his SAT scores prevented him from enrolling, so he attended prep school for a year in 2006 to get his grades up.

With Larry Coker on the hot seat all season McCoy reopened his recruiting. He was spotted on the University Park campus several times leading many to believe he was PSU bound. It was rumored he was awaiting his latest SAT scores before announcing his decision, but it was expected he was going to commit before the holidays. As the days and weeks wore on, it was becoming apparent something was going on. Now we know.

So the saga of LeSean McCoy is over, and I for one say good riddance. I was never thrilled with the risk this kid could bring to the program. What good is a player who can't keep his grades up high enough to play? How smart can this kid be? He's going to Pitt. He could have come to Penn State, played in the Big Ten and competed for national championships. But he chose to go to Pitt where he can play Louisville, West Virginia, and Rutgers. Have fun with that, kid.

Pitt fans are basking in the glory of finally having beaten Penn State in something related to football. That's fine. I suspect something may have happened with his grades causing Penn State to pull their offer. If this kid qualified acedemically for Penn State it was just barely, and I suspect JoePa probably decided Evan Royster and Brent Carter looked good enough that McCoy wasn't worth the acedemic risk. Also, with stud running back Broderick Green set to visit Happy Valley next weekend, the Lions may have wanted McCoy out of the picture to sweeten the deal and make PSU look more attractive. Green still claims he is not waivering on his commitment to USC, but if Penn State can get him on campus they have a shot.