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It Sucks to Be a Buckeye

A month ago it seemed the Ohio State Buckeyes were about to experience the greatest coronation since Napoleon. They were undefeated having easily beaten previously undefeated arch-rival Michigan. Troy Smith had his Napoleon moment in winning the Heisman trophy. They were heavily favored to win their second BCS championship in four years. Life was good if you were a Buckeye. Then the wheels started coming off the juggernaut.

It all started with their embarrassing 41-14 thrashing at the hands of the Florida Gators. Then they all realized Troy Smith was graduating and thought maybe they should jump ship too. First it was Anthony Gonzalez bolted for the NFL. Today Ginn and Pittman decided to do the same. Now Ohio State will be forced to rebuild the entire offense.

Yes, it sucks to be a Buckeye today. They will be back I'm sure, but next season we can all enjoy bringing them and their obnoxious fan base back down to earth.

Oh man this sucks!