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Make Up Your Mind, McCoy

Now LeSean McCoy is saying he hasn't decided yet.

"I haven't given a definite verbal," McCoy told The Patriot-News yesterday afternoon. "I'll make my decision either Tuesday or Wednesday. ... It's between Pitt and Penn State."

Then there is this little blurb from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

"I don't want to take an official visit to Penn State," McCoy told the Tribune-Review. "I've been there so many times."

Something is up here. Shady has the sound of a recruit scorned. He's suddenly gushing on and on about Pitt and the players and coaches being so nice to him and he's talking about Penn State as if he doesn't care about them.

Here's a prediction: Shady realized committing to Wanny over the cell phone doesn't help promote Shady, so he's setting up a big press conference to be broadcast on ESPNews. In that press conference he will completely disrespect Penn State and the coaches in some way because in his mind PSU needs Shady more than Shady needs PSU. This just bolsters my believe that Penn State pulled their offer.

At this point I could care less about LeSean McCoy. If he comes to Penn State, fine. But like Vidal Hazelton last year, at this point I would prefer he take his services elsewhere. There is no room for primadonas at Dear Ol' State. Besides, his head is too big to fit through the tunnel anyway.