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You're On Notice

The following people are all on notice. You've been warned.

Dropped from the list

The BCS - For now it appears they got it right this year. However had Michigan won this would have all blowed up.

Bubble Screens - Didn't see too many of them in the Outback Bowl and the offense looked somewhat functional.

Geary Claxton's Broken Hand - The team is still losing, but I don't think this can be blamed anymore.

Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl - Over and done.

New to the List

Obnoxious Pitt Fans - They can't get enough of the fact they landed LeSean McCoy. Get a clue, sPitt, Joe didn't want him. Or at least he gave him a list of things he had to accomplish before he could play at Penn State and McCoy took the easy road out of State College. We're already over him. Deal with it.

SEC Southern Speed - What a joke. Ask Tennessee and Arkansas about that.

Dave Wannstedt - Don't make a habit of going after Penn State recruits, pal. And shave that stupid mustache.

Jim Delany - Give it up and let us have our playoff already!

Dead to Me