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Bowl Pick 'Em Update

I stayed up until 1 AM to watch the Fiesta Bowl last night, and WOW am I glad I did. That was one of the greatest games I've ever seen. But not so great for those of you that had money on the Sooners.

A lot of bankrolls have been hit pretty hard in recent days. Here are some statistics to think about. Underdogs are 16-10 against the spread so far this bowl season. Amazingly, the underdogs have either won or covered the spread in the last 10 straight games. The over/under is a little more even with the under having a slight 14-13 advantage so far.

MadLionChuck has taken a commanding lead on the back of a gutsy $10,000 bet on Penn State and two Rose Bowl bets that banked him another $4000. The total number of people eliminated has risen to six, and there are a handful of people hanging on by a wing and a prayer. Still a few people within striking distance of MadLion. With four bowl games to go it's not over yet. Here are the updated standings through the Fiesta Bowl.