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PSU Thumped by Sparty

Final Score

Michigan State 91
Penn State 64

Here's the friggin' Boxscore

First, let's cover the highlights of the game. Um, Larry Johnson and Tamba Hali were in the house. That's pretty much it.

The Lions couldn't do anything right in this game. Michigan State tore apart the 2-3 zone defense. When Penn State fell down by 20 points in the first half they finally switched to man-to-man, but Sparty tore that up too.

Sure the Spartans shot great hitting 68% of their shots and 50% from behind the arc, but my God, can we at least try to guard somebody? And how about grabbing a rebound? PSU lost the rebounding game 19-33. Giving the other team the ball and not guarding them is usually a recipe for disaster.

Things weren't any better when Penn State had the ball. MSU routinely doubled down on Claxton when he got the ball leaving other people open. Cornley did his best putting in 21 points off the shifted defense, but nobody else stepped up to hit a shot. Take a look.

Hassell - 7 points
Luber - 5 points
Morrissey - 7 points
Walker - 9 points
Mooch - 2 points
Bogetic - 0 points

Come on, guys. How can none of you score when the defense is 100% geared toward stopping one player? You gave Michigan State absolutely no reason to break out of their "Claxton Rules" defense.

This is a heartbreaking loss, and not in the last second buzzer beater way. This loss is a major step backward for the program. After coming up just short against Indiana we've lost by 20 to Michigan and 27 to Michigan State. We are a team in a tailspin and things don't look to get any easier soon.