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Penn State Players Shining in the Senior Bowl

Tony Hunt, Paul Posluszny, and Levi Brown were all invited to take part in the Senior Bowl this weekend. It's a great opportunity for them to show their talent to NFL scouts who are there picking the players apart all week in practice. Here are some tidbits I'm picking up from various places on the internets.

Tony Hunt

On weigh in day, Hunt weighed an amazing 239 lbs and stood 6 foot 1 and 3/4 inches tall. Scouts noted he looked "solid and bigger than expected."

In drills, Hunt has impressed the coaches with his toughness and ability to fight for extra yardage, but they are concerned he may be a step slow. Like, duh. Reportedly he and Poz have had some epic collisions in practice drills with neither guy winning or losing. Overall, he has perhaps slightly helped his draft stock and certainly hasn't done anything to hurt himself.

I love this quote from one scout:

When discussing Penn St. RB Tony Hunt Tuesday, one scout said, "he made some money these two days." Hunt did a good job of running with power and often punished would be tacklers.

Hunt was reportedly seen being interviewed by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Seattle Seahawks are also taking a long look at Tony.

Paul Posluszny

On the first day Poz weighed in at 237 lbs standing 6 foot one and 1/4 inches tall. The scouts commented he "looked good - thick and cut". He was reportedly in "great shape." High praise considering some kids were described to have "beer guts" and looking "soft". One player was even labeled a "waste of a roster spot."

Poz has reportedly been an animal on the practice field. Here are some quotes from

Penn State linebacker Paul Posluszny was excellent in pursuit, stuffing the run on several occasions during 11-on-11 drills, and earning the praise of the Bucs coaching staff. The Poz also showed nice sideline to sideline speed in coverage. He is just a natural football player and it's apparent to everyone.

And here is one from today's practice.

Penn State linebacker Paul Posluszny continues to lead the North defense, and is making an early bid to be this year's version of Houston linebacker Demeco Ryans - a player who may or may not astound in workouts but is at home between the chalk lines.

But concerns are arising about his ability in coverage. TE Scott Chandler reportedly burnt him several times in the passing game.

The Houston Texans were one team seen interviewing Poz after practice today.

Levi Brown

On weigh in day Levi Brown was described as "thick and barrel chested" by the scouts. He weighed in at 323 lbs and stood 6'5" tall.

Practice reviews are mixed on Brown. Draft Daddy offers up this after Monday's practice.

On the offensive line, Penn State offensive tackle Levi Brown had an up and down session - at times he looks like a top 10 pick, at others he looks like he should be picked later. Brown needs to work on his consistency but in terms of size/speed ratio is the most impressive of the North offensive linemen.

But after today's practice he suggests Brown may have helped himself.

Penn State tackle Levi Brown seems to be the beneficiary of some quality coaching tips, as his technique was markedly improved today. Especially notable is that he didn't get overextended and played within his base during drills. Brown has as much physical talent as any player on the roster, once he learns how to control it, could be a top notch tackle. He is a force on running downs and can wash his player past the hole with ease.

Other reviews suggest Brown has great footwork, but his hand play needs work to fend off would be pass rushers. Overall the scouts are impressed and the consensus seems to be he is the still the second best offensive lineman in the draft behind Joe Thomas of Wisconsin.

Levi has drawn interest from the Cleveland Browns.

It sounds like the Nittany Lions are representing their school well. All three are improving their stock. I'll continue to keep you updated as the week progresses.