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Senior Bowl Update

Penn State players continue to do well for themselves in practice leading up to the Senior Bowl this weekend. Here is an update on how the Nittany Lion players are doing.

Levi Brown is looking very impressive. Scouts are impressed by his size, strength, and mobility. They praise his footwork and sliding technique, but they are disappointed in how he uses his hands. It hasn't scared the scouts too much as he is still considered the second best offensive tackle in the draft behind Joe Thomas and many experts expect him to be a top 15 pick.

Paul Posluszny has received high praise and a lot of interest in the draft. Scouts are extremely impressed with his anticipation and aggressiveness. He's showing great lateral movement and pursuit which the scouts love. Many people questioned his speed and scrutinized him all week looking to see if he lost a step, but so far they are impressed. The one knock on him is pass coverage. They comment at times he struggles in the passing game. He came in this week projected to be a late first round to early second round pick. Thus far he hasn't done anything to improve or jeopardize that.

Tony Hunt has probably seen the most improvement in his stock this week. The coaches love his physical running style between the tackles, but they have noticed he doesn't have a high gear that can run away from the defense. He's often getting caught by defenders on sweeps and doesn't gain much once he breaks into the secondary. But still, some experts predict Tony Hunt will be an every-down back in the NFL. He came in this week projected as a third or fourth round pick. Now he is surely a first day pick and may go as high as the second round.

The Senior Bowl is Saturday at 3 PM on the NFL Network. We've conducted a poll and three out of the five NFL Network subscribers will be watching.

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