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Jay Paterno Knows What He's Doing...Trust Him dad says I'm a good coach. What do you think?
Why are you looking at me like that?

This just in from left field today, Jay Paterno answers his critics who question his ability to coach. Some telling quotes from the piece.

"I have a lot of faith in what we do and the guys we coach, and I know I'm doing a heck of a job."
"I have never had a problem with my own confidence," he said. "I know I'm smart enough, I know I know what I'm doing."

Does anyone else think this smacks of arrogance? He knows he's doing a heck of a job? He had two years to prepare Anthony Morelli to be the starting quarterback. He himself says in the article that Morelli has all the physical tools to be a great quarterback, yet Morelli looked like a deer in the headlights against Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan. So he had the physical tools, two years to be prepared, and he wasn't ready.

The Penn State offense in general has been below average ever since he's been on the staff. This year it downright struggled against some pathetic teams like Minnesota, Illinois, and Michigan State let alone the big boys. Jay tells us he knows he knows what he's doing. That's great, Jay. Please fill us in because I sure can't figure out what you're doing for Penn State.