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Bowl Pick 'Em Update

Another bowl game down, another heavy hit to everyone. Louisville won breaking the 10 game winning streak of the underdogs, but nobody put any money on the Cardinals. You guys realize you're supposed to pick the winners, right? Additionally, everyone betting the over/under took the over, so nobody made money there.

MadLionChuck has come back to the pack, so it's back to being anyone's game again. kjac100 is our new leader. Still four bowl games left.

Rule Change - I set a $20,000 minimum final bankroll to claim the prize when I started this thing. I did so to encourage betting action. I'm very pleased with the number of people who have participated and the level of their participation. Given the number of upsets that have depleted the bankrolls, I'm waiving the $20,000 requirement so you can focus on competing with each other rather than trying to achieve a specific bankroll. Whoever has the highest bankroll at the end will claim the prize.

Here are your updated standings through the Orange Bowl.