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College Football Blogger Awards

People! People! I almost forgot. Ok, I really did forget. The College Football Blogger Awards are being announced today. So close your office door and tell the phone to kick all your calls into voicemail. You're not getting anything done today. The awards will be rolled out starting at 8 AM today all the way until 6 PM tonight.

Remember, Black Shoe Diaries is up for the Best Big Ten Blog so watch for that. But if I win, it will be a bigger upset than Boise State over Oklahoma, Villanova over Georgetown, and the Miracle on Ice all combined. I'm pretty sure Brian has it all wrapped up. The rest of us are fighting for the runner up spot. Go check out Rocky Top Talk who is kicking the whole thing off and just follow the links from there.

Read the Blue & White Roundtable first because you probably won't be coming back here today.