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Notre Dame Cookies

Mmmmmmmm...smell that? It's another batch of fresh Irish cookies. Last night Notre Dame was put in a bowl of sugar, beaten for three hours, and burnt. That's how you make Irish cookies.

Smarter than you
Hopefully this will put to rest all the excessive Notre Dame hype for good. Last night, on that field in New Orleans, Notre Dame and Brady Quinn were out of their league. The didn't belong there just like they didn't belong in the Fiesta Bowl last year. LSU was bigger, stronger, and faster than the Irish and beat them soundly. Notre Dame fans can talk about history and tradition all they want. It doesn't change the fact that they have lost their last 9 bowl games over the past 13 years. In that time, 83 Div I-A schools have won a bowl game. Face it Notre Dame fans, you are not the program you once were. You cannot compete and have not competed on a national level in almost two decades. Maybe you should decline some BCS bids and go to some second tier bowl games where you can beat the Louisiana Tech's and Mississippi State's of the world and get some wins. Stop telling us the BCS needs Notre Dame more than Notre Dame needs the BCS.

Normally I don't stay up until 12:30 AM to watch 41-14 blowouts, but last night I did so with a smile on my face watching Brady Quinn lay another egg in a big game. Spare me the talk about his passing records and where he will go in the NFL draft. I'm sure Charlie will call his NFL buddies and put in a good word to get his star quarterback a high draft pick to help his recruiting. I'm sure he'll make lots of money in the NFL, but he'll never amount to anything. He's the Peyton Manning of college football. Great stats, but can't win the big one.

And can we please put to rest the word "genius" when we talk about Charlie Weis? I almost gagged last night when before the coin toss the announcers gushed over Weis' aggressiveness in wanting the ball when he wins the toss. "Why wouldn't I want the ball," they quoted, "Why wouldn't I want to score first and put the pressure on the other team?" Well, Charlie did win the toss, and true to form he and his three Super Bowl rings took the ball. His outstanding offense stalled at their 34 yard line. Then on 4th and 3, he called a fake punt that LSU saw coming a mile away and stuffed. LSU scored a touchdown two plays later. Genius. If you interviewed 100 college football coaches, none of them would have called a fake punt in that situation. You have a weak defense and you chose to put their backs against the wall to start the game. F'ing brilliant.

I'm sure I'll get a hate comment or two. That's fine. But do me a favor. Don't tell me about tradition. Don't tell me about how Notre Dame brings in money for the BCS. Tell me why I should be forced to watch Notre Dame get blown out year after year in these bowl games.


One more thing. Thanks for helping perpetuate the SEC "southern speed" myth.