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Paterno Road Rage Update

The guys at have an insider update on the alleged road rage incident with Joe Paterno last Friday.

According to sources, Coach Paterno was following a car that he thought was being driven erratically, and observed the driver of said car nearly cause an accident to take place. Paterno, upon witnessing the near accident, confronted the woman driving the car to make her aware that he witnessed the incident and that he was taking down her license plate number. The source claims the encounter between Paterno and the motorist was both brief and civil.

So Joe Paterno is now the dispenser of vigilanty advice stopping evil doers from stopping on crosswalks all across Centre County. No doubt this is coming from someone inside the program, so you can assume this is Paterno's version of events.

So on one hand we have two people saying Paterno was flipping them off with both hands acting like a raving lunatic. On the other hand you have Paterno saying he was politely pointing out to the woman that she nearly caused an accident. Who to believe?

As in most cases, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. But even if you take the word of the supposed "victims", I can't see anything coming out of this. According to them he got out of the car, flipped them off, and screamed at them. He didn't kick in their fender or threaten to kill them. The police are not going to pursue something this trivial.

Still, BSD suggests Joe go back to walking to work like he used to in the old days. Or perhaps he could take the Loop. Or maybe he could get the shuttle bus from the Senior Center to pick him up. But 80-year old people should probably not be driving cars. Heck, as thick as his glasses are he probably should have given up driving decades ago.