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Thoughts From Last Night

Last night I was fortunate to find a restaurant where I could simultaneously watch the Penn State Women's Volleyball team and the Pitt-Navy game on television. Just wanted to share some thoughts on both.

How low has our one time in state rival sunk? They lost to a service academy on a Wednesday night. How sad is it they have to move games to Wednesday night to get on television? I thought they were having a yellow out or something until I realized those were empty seats. Seriously guys, look at your program. You need Penn State. Take the 2-for-1.

As for the game, LeSean McCoy looked really good, but then it was Navy. Wannstedt completely blew the game. He nearly blew it going for it on fourth down from his own 25 yard line near the end of regulation. Then in the second overtime he should have kicked a field goal and gone to a third, but he chose to go for it on fourth and goal from the three. McCoy had been gaining yards in huge chunks all night, but Wanny said "They think we're going to run, so we're going to pass. But maybe they know we know they think we're going to run, so they will defend the pass knowing that we think they think we know they think we're going to run. So we'll pass because they know we know they think we're going to run." Anyway, it worked wonderfully. By the end of the game it was just me and one other guy at the bar. At the start of the first overtime he told me he wanted Navy to win. I told him I just wanted Pitt to lose. We were both happy.

The women's volleyball game was very entertaining. I was surprised how big the crowd was at the game. If you're a student currently at Penn State, do yourself a favor and go check out a match some time. It made me wish I had the Big Ten channel so I could watch more. Not only was it a high level of volleyball, seeing tall women in spandex smashing volleyballs in each others faces just does something for me.

By the way, I'm wishing I had more time to cover other PSU sports. If anyone out there follows another PSU sport with the same passion as football, let me know and we'll set you up with a platform here at BSD. I would love to have another writer covering other PSU sports. I, unfortunately, just don't have time to do it myself.