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Joe Paterno Road Rage Update Part II

This in from  the Post Gazette.

Message boards have been full of rumored accounts of the incident, but Paterno made no secret of it.

He told more than 300 people at the Penn State Quarterback Club luncheon about his near miss. Information exchanged at the weekly luncheon is normally treated as off the record and not open to the media. But multiple sources who attended told the Post-Gazette about Paterno's exchange with the audience.

According to the sources, Paterno said after his close call he pulled his car over to the curb and got out.

He then approached the other vehicle and shook his finger at the driver. He warned her to, "Watch it."

"Be careful," Paterno said. "I have your license number, and I will call the police on you."

According to the sources, Paterno said a male passenger then walked up and chastised him, saying, "That's my wife you're talking to."

Paterno said, "That's your problem."

The woman then snapped back at Paterno, telling him, "I'm going to call the police on you."

Paterno reportedly told the woman to go ahead.

She did just that.

According to a university police report, the unidentified woman filed her claim the same day as the incident. She stated that a male driver committed a traffic violation and acted in a disorderly manner at 12:09 p.m., along Bigler Road, near the Food Science Building.

I love it. Classic Joe. That's your problem, pal. Sounds like the woman had an attitude and the guy saw dollar signs when Joe Paterno stepped out of the car. This is the biggest non-story of the year.

(HT: The Wizard of Odds)