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Austin Scott Going To Trial

Earlier today Austin Scott faced a preliminary hearing for the accusations he raped a woman in his apartment on campus on Oct. 5.
A judge dismissed two charges of aggravated indecent assault against Penn State running back Austin Scott, but bound charges of rape, sexual assault, indecent assault and simple assault over for trial in Centre County court.

I'm not going to comment on my thoughts pertaining to Scott's guilt or innocence. You can read the article and come to your own conclusions. But I will point out the statement his lawyer made at the end of the article.

Following the hearing, Karoly fielded questions from the media, and said that while he would never presume to tell Coach Joe Paterno what to do, he said he hoped he would consider allowing Scott to return to the team until the charges are resolved.

"He should be allowed to return to the team," Karoly said. "The team needs him." we don't. Dude, did you even watch the last two games?