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Blogpoll Week 7 Draft Ballot

Dear God the carnage this past Saturday. Since I didn't go to the game I got a chance to watch a lot of football. I had to go to a bar to watch Penn State play Illinois, so at the same time I got to watch Purdue and Notre Dame as well as Michigan and Northwestern. Then I came home and flipped around between Michigan State-Wisconsin, Auburn-Florida, and USC-Washington. I also watched most of South Florida-West Virginia. Now on to the ballot.

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Ohio State 3
4 California 3
5 Wisconsin 4
6 South Carolina 5
7 Boston College 6
8 Kentucky 8
9 South Florida 13
10 Oklahoma 7
11 Florida 7
12 Oregon 2
13 Virginia Tech 1
14 Georgia 5
15 Purdue 10
16 Missouri 1
17 Kansas State 9
18 Texas 13
19 Hawaii 1
20 West Virginia 12
21 Miami (Florida) 2
22 Arizona State 4
23 Nebraska 1
24 Illinois 2
25 Cincinnati 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#12), Rutgers (#17), Penn State (#20), Alabama (#21).

If you had told me before the season I would have South Carolina, Boston College, Kentucky, and South Florida ranked in the top ten I would say you're crazy. But there it is.

I feel good about the top five, but after that who knows. I think we're headed toward a huge BCS controversy this year. I can picture one undefeated team and five or six teams with one loss all claiming they deserve a shot to play them.

Anyway, discuss the ballot. I'm not sure about a few teams. I'm not convinced Virginia Tech is a top 15 team, but everyone else keeps losing so I have no choice but to rank some of these teams where they are.