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Malcolm Jenkins is a Liar

That's right. I said Malcolm Jenkins is a fucking liar. An astute Penn State alumni mole on the inside at Ohio State sent me a link to this article that appeared in the Ohio State student paper "The Latern".

Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins will never forget his first White Out.

That's good, because it may help him prepare for his second, coming up Saturday night at Penn State.

The memory is still vivid from two years later: around 21,000 fans in the Nittany Lions student section wearing blindingly white shirts, stomping their feet, roaring until they were hoarse.

Even before the Buckeyes could warm up for Penn State, they knew they were in for a long night.

"The craziest thing was that they had fans lined up from our locker room to the field," Jenkins said Tuesday, shaking his head at the recollection. "That's probably the first time -- the only time -- that's ever happened. ... People cursing you and spitting at you, and things like that."

Now I'm not saying this because I find Penn State fans incapable of such dispicable actions. I'm saying this because I was fucking there. I alway enter the gate right outside the visitor lockerroom. When the teams come out for their warmups they set up a barricade to give them a walkway to get to the field. So yeah, there were people lined up. Everyone was trying to get to their seats and had to wait for the Buckeyes to walk through. It's not a planned thing where we line up just to intimidate the opposing team. It's just a simple matter of two paths that must cross each other. Once the team goes through they remove the barricade and the fans continue on to their seats.

I was there that night and I didn't see anything remotely resembling what Jenkins says transpired. I often get caught at this location as teams make their way to or from the field. And in all my years of following Penn State football and going through this gate I can honestly say I've never, ever, seen anything like Jenkins describes. The fans are always very curtious in waiting patiently. Sometimes they even offer applause out of respect for these great warriors going to do battle. So yeah, I'm calling B.S. and saying Malcolm Jenkins is fucking lying.

I apologize for the language, but when I read this article it really burnt me up. It angers me because one it paints Penn State fans in a poor light and two it is just not true. So whatever Jenkins' motivation is, whether to anger his fans or fire up his team, they are ingenuine and disgraceful.