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Big Ten Roundtable

Roundtable Wednesday continues with the Big Ten Roundtable. The Buckeyes once again feature the Big Ten game of the week when they host the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday. So this week the roundtable is hosted by Buckeye Lane, a very fine up and coming Ohio State Buckeye blog. Enjoy, and check BL later in the week to read his roundup of all the answers.

With the Big Ten season about to be wrapped up, it is a little easier to predict what Bowl games are possible for your school. Tell me what Bowl games would interest you as a fan. Where do you want to go? More importantly, who do you want to play?

I was hoping Penn State could make the Capital One or Outback Bowl to go up against another SEC team. I think it would be really exciting to play someone like Florida or Georgia. The Capital One looks out of the question at this point. If we win out we have a good chance at the Outback Bowl. But we went there last year so we probably have to win third place outright. If not we're off to the Alamo to play a Big XII opponent. Maybe Texas or Missouri.

In honor of Black Shoe Diaries' question about the Big Ten Moron Coach of the Year Award. Tell me who is the most disappointing player in the Big Ten this season. Also, tell me who is the most disappointing on your team.

Aw shucks. Nice to know BSD is leaving a legacy of suck with the Big Ten Bloggers.

I am thoroughly unimpressed with Juice Williams. He was supposed to be the next Troy Smith or Vince Young this year. So far he blows. After nine games he still hasn't cracked 1000 yards passing even though he has Arrelious Benn on his team. Lately the Zooker has been putting him on the bench when the game is on the line in favor of backup quarterback Eddie McGee.

As for Penn State, do I have to pick a player that is technically on the team? I would say Austin Scott has been the biggest disappointment this year. Penn State fans had visions of a Larry Johnson type senior year out of the former high school phenom. Instead we got a fumble machine that got himself kicked off the team with his off the field antics. Honorable mention goes to Derrick Williams who has seen his touches steadily decline each week.

Ohio State is rumored to be building a giant buckeye nut outside the football stadium. This will lead to the new tradition of "rubbing the nut." I'm sure Michigan fans will use that against us. I know it is pretty late to start new traditions in the Big Ten, but pitch me a new tradition idea for your school.

Does beating Michigan count as a tradition? If so I'll pick that one. No? All right. How about shutting down the Jumbo Tron and just going back to listening to the band play during television timeouts?

Actually, a lot of schools have started a tradition of standing in front of the student section after each game and singing the school fight song or alma mater. I would like to see Penn State do this too. I think it's a fun way to celebrate with your fellow students.


You are a big-fight promoter - Talk up your team's mascot and how/why they could kick the living crap out of any opposing team's mascot - inspired by Oregon's mascot

Are you kidding me? The Nittany Lion doesn't kick the crap out of other mascots. He kills them.

Either that or dances them to death Napoleon Dynamite style.

Now you're an agent - Convince me that you have the top 2008 NFL Draft pick on your team

Boy, you can tell an Ohio State blogger wrote these questions. Doesn't everyone have four future first round draft picks on their team?

It's highly unlikely that Penn State has a top draft pick on their team. #1 picks are very rare as Penn State has only had two in their entire school history. (This was a trivia question on the JumboTron this weekend. So I guess JumboTrons are good for something.) Our best shot would probably be Dan Connor. He has the look of a first round pick for sure, but past character issues may hurt him. Plus I'm sure his draft stock will drop much like Posluszny's did when he only runs a 4.7 at the combine.