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Game Day Open Thread - Iowa Hawkeyes

I'm cutting out early to start making my way up to State College. Here's your open thread for the game. Those of you watching the game on ESPN2 feel free to take part. If we lose let's all come back for a group hug.

If you're going to the game feel free to stop by and say "Howdy" at the tailgate. We're getting a little later start than usual this week so I think we'll be rolling up the hill sometime around 8 AM. I think that will put us on the slope behind center field of the baseball stadium in the yellow parking. I think we'll get there early enough we shouldn't be past the first line of trees. We'll have some kind of banner up that says or something like that. It may not be very big and it won't be flying very high so you may have to look for it. We're low budget so don't expect tons of food, beer, and hookers. Hope to see you there anyway.

Go State! Beat Iowa!