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Quick Post IowaThoughts

Ahhhhh. It sure felt good walking out of the stadium this evening. I thought the air smelled a little fresher. The water in my bottle tasted a little better. It's good to be back to winning football games again. And while it's not the same as Michigan, it's good to end the five game losing streak to Iowa.

Anthony Morelli did ok. The crowd was looking for an excuse to boo the poor kid which I didn't really think was fair. He got booed a few times in the first half after some incompletions, but I thought he was playing really well. Then in the second half he did his best to throw the game away with a couple picks. I made a point to watch him walk to the sideline after each pick. On each occassion Paterno got right in front of him and said something. I wish I knew what he was saying. Maybe some reporter could ask Joe in his presser this week. (wink wink)

I honestly had no idea about the Austin Scott situation until we were sitting in our seats and the people sitting behind us filled us in. It's really a shame. All that potential. He sat out last year to come back and be the man this year. After five disappointing games he got himself booted off the team. What a waste of a scholarship he was.

I haven't seen the stats yet but I believe Kinlaw had about 28 carries and 170 yards. Great game, but if we need to rely on Rodney to carry the ball 30 times a game we're in trouble. He's just not that big or durable. I heard on the post game show that Royster got injured. I don't know what the extent of the injury is yet.

I better not ever hear about Chris Bell complaining about playing time. Last week he ran the incorrect route twice. This week he drops an easy touchdown. Listen kid, you're only going to get a few chances in every game until you prove you can depended on. Make the most of them.

The defense played lights out. With the exception of the one touchdown drive they completely dominated the Hawkeyes. On that drive Justin King got beat bad. You can tell he's gotten used to teams not throwing his way. He was right on the guy's hip, but just never looked back for the ball. If he had he would have easily knocked it down or picked it off.

Maurice Evans was a holy terror. I know he had at least two sacks, and he was flustering Christensen all day.

I'll have more later. I just got back from the game and wanted to get a few thoughts up for you. Let's enjoy this win until Monday. Then it's time to start looking ahead to Wisconsin. If you haven't heard, the Badgers lost to Illinois today. I think we're going to look back on this season and realize the Illini are a damn fine team.