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Football Players to be Suspended

The good news just keeps flowing like sewage to the treatment plant. Apparently there was a fight on campus at the HUB last Saturday night. is reporting several football players were involved including Chris Bell and Knowledge Timmons. I can't wait for the details from this to come out.

Can someone please take control of this team? Where are the captains? Where is the leadership? I wish I could say the coaches need to buckle down on them, but how can you expect the players to act like gentlemen when the head coach is supposedly running innocent people off the road in his vehicle because they are driving too slow? This entire season is a complete disaster. RUTS is right, there is absolutely nothing I like about this team. They had all the promise in the world and they are throwing it away with their drinking and fighting on Saturday nights.

Pack it in for 2007 folks. This program needs to be purged. Any player or coach that causes another disturbance needs to be booted from the team. That includes the guy at the top. We cannot stand for this. I would rather lose with dignity than win with this. I am calling on the University and coaches to weed out the bad apples right now. I don't care if we only have 60 guys on scholarship next year. We cannot have this type of team if we hope to achieve the goals we all set for this program.

Is it basketball season yet?