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Mond;ayha nightr drunka pots

Helloo nitaayny nation. It's stime form anothre durnk post. I'ts been al along time sonince I cdid one ov these. I was att the /Outback again, and this time theya hade the seasonal beer Harvest Moon. Man were they going todnwn smmooth. I think I had four.  Mayvbed ficve.Whatver. IO'm b uzzed.

So I made my case the other day who James Laurningaits didn't sdesevrve the Butkux award. Some Ohio Statge blogs thought I took that eto mean Dan Conor should have won. Not mnecessarily the case. I just think Lauruintaitus didn't sdeserve it. The guy is so overated. Lok at thefilm. On omost running plays the's not making contacht antil four tyards down firld. you can say I'm carzy, but when LSU blows them out by 30 points you'll konw I'm right.

Penn state is gettina ready fo r th e Alamo bowl agaisnt Texas A*M. Thise ashould be an easy wihn for the Nitataly Liaons. I"mre gala we got The aggies rathare than Texas Tech. Threy woudl tha ve lit up tour seconcary. ubt I think we can contaikn their otopion rinning game pretey well. That is if MOrlle;i desn't trow four picksl.

At least the basketball team wis playing woell. Woot! That' game agaiusnt Seton Hall was t thriller.! I a hv en't been thnis exicted agbout Penn State Cbasketball sicne thwe days Pete Lisciky Waws thrwoing up threes from halv court. That kid never sawa a shot he didn't liked.

That's going to ahav e to do it for4a tonigh. I was goint ro try to apu8t up a sercioas post otonight, byt you can see I cn ba4eley tipe, so thies is all you get. Bogging will be light trihtis week as the reall life job callse. Have at it at the diaries and comments.