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Penn State Women Advance To Finals

Bring On The Tree!

In the middle of the night last night the women's volleyball team swept #6 Cal in three games (30-28 30-25 30-16) to advance to the NCAA finals tonight Saturday night against #4 Stanford. The Cardinal beat Southern Cal in a grueling five game match. By the time the match ended the PSU women didn't take the court until after midnight on the east coast.

Penn State and Stanford met once already this year and the Cardinal barely beat out our ladies in five games in New Haven, Connecticut. (30-23 23-30 27-30 30-28 15-9) But the PSU women really seem to have hit their stride and they are just demolishing everyone in front of them right now. I think this is going to be a good match and Penn State is going to be bringing home the trophy this year.

For those of you like me who have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than to watch tall athletic women in spandex you can catch the game on ESPN2 at 6 PM 9 PM ET. Bring on the tree!