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Nitt Picks Keeps Going...And Going...And Going...

It's hard being a blogger. I'm not looking for sympathy or anything. I'm just trying to paint the picture for you. Imagine if you will you have some things you want to get off your chest that you think other people would be interested in reading. So you start up a blog. You pour your heart out putting out the greatest stuff ever written since the advent of pen and paper. But after a week you find yourself out of ideas and the site meter reads ten hits per day, and you're pretty sure nine of those are you. It's hard work coming up with new material day in and day out. So it's not surprising to see many blogs come and go. Every blogger hits a wall where they don't feel like blogging anymore. The good ones keep going. The rest, well, it's easy to see why so many of them fizzle out after just a few weeks.

That's why I feel we established bloggers have a duty to lift up promising bloggers that look like they have what it takes. They do more than just link to other blogs and throw up an occassional photo shop. They show the ability to come up with an original thought. Tangled Up In White and Blue is such a blog. Add it to your daily reading. And make sure you clear a half an hour and read his Penn State Football Carol. It's absolutely brilliant and a highly entertaining read. (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV)


In a way I'm glad Joe Paterno broke his leg last season. It delayed his induction into the college football Hall of Fame by a year, but it prevented him from sharing the stage with Bobby Bowden. I'm glad Paterno got the podium to himself this year because frankly, I've always felt he's a better man than Bowden. You need no more proof than what we saw this week. While 20 Penn State football players were earning Acedemic All-Big Ten Honors, 20 Florida State players were caught cheating on internet exams. (HT: platnumkid in the diaries)


Remember the horrible officiating we saw in the Purdue game? Remember how that crew was supposed to be suspended but ended up working the Illinois-Ohio State game the next weekend and botched several calls in that one too? Turns out the leader of that crew has a history of casino gambling, bankruptcy, child abuse, sexual harrassment, and sexual assualt against his step daughter. (HT: The Nittany Line)

Seriously. Does the Big Ten have any kind of screening process for its officials? And I thought it was bad when one of your lead officials turned his office into a shrine to the Michigan Wolverines. Is there any reason to trust the Big Ten officiating at this point?

Anyone wanna bet me this comes up tails?


MGoBlog took exception with this statement I made.

What happens if Rodriguez starts ignoring cherished time-honored traditions? What happens if he fails speak of Bo Schembechler and Fielding Yost as if they were saints? What happens when he loses to Ohio State and says "Win some. Lose some" in his post game press conference?

Here is his response.

...what happens if Rodriguez slaps himself in a press conference after losing to Illinois? I agree that if it turns out Michigan has hired a lunatic, it will be bad for the program. It's not something to fret about until we hear he's slapped Tyrelle Pryor.

Uh, what?

My point was that Rodriguez cannot fully appreciate Michigan tradition and history at this time. He admitted this himself in his press conference. He may learn to appreciate it, but right now he is new to the program. Not only is he new to Michigan, he really has no experience playing for or coaching a premier college football program. Nothing in his past experience has prepared him for the pressure he is going to feel coaching the Maize and Blue. So I expect he'll step on his toes a few times and say some stupid things, but he'll figure it out. If he wins all will be forgiven. If not it will annoy the Michigan faithful and they will say he wasn't the right man for the job. But I didn't mean to imply that Rodriguez is a lunatic. I see no reason to believe that.