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Now It's On

I've never had any problems with the Aggies. They seem like a nice fan base. Or at least that's what they tell us. They have several great traditions. And some pretty odd ones. But I always thought they had class. That is until tonight.

A Texas A&M yell leader, one of the uniformed male cheerleaders who organize the regimented cheers at A&M's Kyle Field, loosed a tasteless salvo at Thursday night's dual-school Alamo Bowl pep rally on the Riverwalk here that stunned hundreds of fans.

"Joe Paterno's on his deathbed! And someone needs to find him a casket!" screamed the unidentified yell leader over a microphone, first to gasps and then thunderous boos from the PSU fans. Neither audio nor video was immediately available. But Patriot-News photographer Joe Hermitt was there with many other media members who clearly heard the abrasive crack.

You know, up until now I really didn't care if we won this game or not. Now that's all out the window. Is this what they do at their time honored "Yell practice?" Insult your opponent? Insult a living legend? If so they can have it because it's completely classless. All Aggie fans should be ashamed of this. Your team deserves to suck as bad as they do. I hope we beat the Aggies by fifty points. It's soooo on.