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Class Act

The end of the Anthony Morelli era can't come soon enough. It's like we're stuck in a bad marriage. Both parties want to split and get on with their lives but we're stuck with each other until the kids go to college. Yesterday the latest chapter of the Anthony Morelli drama unfolded when he didn't show up for the scheduled Alamo Bowl press conference.

Penn State senior starting quarterback and team captain Anthony Morelli pulled another no-show on a news conference.

The latest disappearing act happened Wednesday during a media session for Penn State offensive players. Most of the main cogs appeared, including running back Rodney Kinlaw, center A.Q. Shipley and receiver Derrick Williams.

For awhile, it seemed like Morelli would show up, too. His name appeared on the program and there was even a placard made out for him for the dais.

But a team official was notified an hour before the news conference started that Morelli would not attend. He hasn't spoken with the media since the Nov. 10 win at Temple.

His teammates were left to take the questions.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your senior captain. I hate to be hard on college kids, but Anthony Morelli is a loser. This has been a pattern all season long. He didn't talk to the media after the Michigan loss. He didn't talk to the media aftr the Illinois loss. He pointed fingers at the coaching in the Ohio State loss. Now he hasn't talked to the media since the Temple game. Instead he lets his teammates go out there to tell the media how this team that thought it was going to compete for a national championship managed to lose four games.

Anthony...are you crying?

Way to go, Morelli. You're a real classy guy. Hope that degree in recreation, park and tourism management serves you well because you have no future in football. Luckily park managers don't have to give many press conferences.