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A Brief Look At The Texas A&M Aggies

The rumors of my demise are somewhat exaggerated. I'm tied up in meetings and traveling today, so here is a quick look at the Aggies of Texas A&M. First let's look at their quarterback, Stephen McGee. He's a slippery bugger.

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You can see he's a threat to beat you with his arm and his legs, but mostly with his legs as he averages nearly 5 yards per carry and just over 6 yards per pass. I suspect we'll see Connor and Lee shadowing him on passing downs to keep him from taking a few steps forward and moving the chains. Other than that the entire defense will have to stay alert and stick with their assignments to contain the option plays. The defensive ends will have to get a good push up the field to disrupt the play and force McGee to get rid of the ball early.

Stephen McGee Season Statistics
Pass Att Comp Comp % Avg/Att Passing Yds INT Pass TD Rush Att Yards Rush TD
333 192 57.7% 6.4 2147 7 12 173 858 5