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College Bowl Mania on ESPN

Somebody suggested we set up a College Bowl Mania game this year. It's not as cool as the Pick 'Em Game we did last year, but we have a bunch more readers this year so I really can't organize something like that again. So the ESPN thing will have to do.

So everyone go sign up for an account with ESPN if you don't already have one. The ante is raised as instead of ranking 10 teams every week you have to pick and rank your confidence in all 32 bowl games. The first bowl game is December 20th, so you have to submit your picks by then. That gives you a couple weeks to research the R+L Carriers Bowl. Good luck!

You can sign up for the pick 'em game by clicking on this link. If you have an account from the regular season you can use that one to sign in. If you need a new account it's easy and free to get one from ESPN.

Once you're signed in join the following group.

Group Name: Black Shoe Diaries
Password: joepa

Good luck to everyone!