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Nitt Picks Was Robbed

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The Butkus Award is a joke. That's the only way I can explain why James Laurinaitis won it.

"I feel like I've stolen it from these two guys and am taking the trophy back to Columbus," said Laurinaitis, who was also a finalist in 2006.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Here are the statistics of the three finalists. Can someone explain to me how the hell James Laurinaitis won?

How a linebacker wins the Butkus with only 39 solo tackles is beyond me. Laurinaitis should have finished third on this list. I could have handled it if Connor lost to Dizon, but there is no way he should have lost to Laurinaitis. He's so overrated.

On to other things before I blow a gasket. The Big Ten has finally agreed to allow teams to play a game after Thanksgiving.

The days of the Big Ten Conference concluding its football season the week before Thanksgiving appear to be over.

Beginning next season...Big Ten schools will be allowed to incorporate an extra bye week into their 12-game regular schedule and play games after Thanksgiving.

Last season the 60 day layoff between the end of the regular season and the championship game was pointed to by many as the reason the Buckeyes didn't appear ready to play. This year they have a 57 day layoff. It just goes to show it has to hurt Ohio State or Michigan before changes are made in this conference.

Finally, the women's volleyball team absolutely dominated the Michigan Wolverines last night cruising to a 3-0 victory (30-15 30-18 30-18). I just got finished watching the replay on the Big Ten Network and let me say Megan Hodge and Nicole Fawcett should be arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The way those girls hit that ball they're going to kill someone before the NCAA tournament is over.

The Lady Lions play BYU tonight in the regional finals. The winner goes on to Final Four in Sacramento, CA on December 13. So if you're on campus tonight get your butt out to Rec Hall and support the team.

Butkus Finalists Comparison
Finalist Solo Tackles Assisted Tackles Total Tackles Sacks Tackles for Loss Interceptions Forced Fumbles
James Laurinaitis 39 64 103 5 8.5 2 0
Jordan Dizon 107 42 149 4 11 2 1
Dan Connor 66 70 136 6.5 14 1 0