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Nittany Lions Fall to Badgers

Final Score

Penn State - 49
Wisconsin - 75

Here is the Boxscore

Yeah. No surprise here. This is just a brutal stretch of games for Penn State. Three games in a row against two of the top 5 teams in the country. The Lions were outmatched and playing on the road which usually spells disaster.

They actually held it close for a while, but then Wisconsin went on a run in the first half and followed it up with another run in the second half to put it away.

How many is that now? Ten? Eleven in a row? I don't know anymore. Dear God, please make it stop. Hopefully they learn something during this stretch of games. Hopefully they have seen how far they have to go to get where they want to be. They still have to play Ohio State one more time in Columbus, but then the noose should loosen a bit after that. Unfortunately by then it will be too late to save the season.