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Looking Ahead to 2008 Recruiting - Quarterbacks

Yesterday we looked at the roster in general to determine what the needs are as the coaches prepare to start handing out offers to current high school juniors. Today we will take a closer look at the quarterback position for Penn State. First, a look at the 2007 roster.

#14 - Anthony Morelli - Sr
#15 - Paul Cianciolo - Jr
#13 - Kevin Suhey - So
#17 - Daryll Clark - So
#7 - Pat Devlin - rFr

Level of Need - 5 out of 10. Losing a starter in 2008, but future talent is in place.

The Lions passed on picking up a quarterback this year. Anthony Morelli will be the starter in 2007. Battling for the backup position is Pat Devlin and Daryll Clark, who backed up Morelli in 2006. The Lions have their future starter in one of these two guys. Devlin could end up being a three year starter, but with Morelli set to graduate they will have to fill the spot on the depth chart.

You may notice Brett Brackett is missing from the list. That's because he has officially been moved to the flex TE/WR position where he can do some damage with his 6'6" 235 lb frame.

Targets Under Consideration

Terrelle Pryor - Remember that name. This is the kid every program in America wants to land. The consensus is he's the best player in the country right now. He is drawing heavy comparisons to Vince Young, an athletic quarterback that can beat you with his arm as well as his feet. "That's great," you say, "But why would he want to come to Penn State?" Actually, Penn State has a lot going for them with this kid. First and foremost he's right in our back yard in Jeannette, PA. He has mentioned he wants to play close to home so right now he lists his favorites as Michigan, Notre Dame, Pitt, Ohio State, and Penn State.

He also wants to be a two sport star in college and play some basketball. You could read that to be an advantage or disadvantage for the Nittany Lions. It's a disadvantage in that our basketball program is, how should I say this, not-so respectable right now. However, it could be an advantage because there is a better chance of him getting playing time than if he went to a top 25 program like Ohio State, Pitt, or even Notre Dame. I'm sure Ed DeChellis would welcome him with open arms even if he only gets half a season out of him. If nothing else the publicity would surely give him a feather in his cap for recruiting other kids.

Besides Pryor, I don't know of any other QB recruits that Penn State is going to offer. I'm sure there is some other low hanging fruit in PA or NJ they have their eye on in case Pryor decides to go someplace else. Again, quarterback is not a huge need for us this year. We will need to fill the roster spot after Morelli graduates, but with Devlin and Clark in place we should have a solid #1 and #2 for the next two or three years. We can afford to go after Pryor and risk striking out.