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Nitt Picks

Just some things I'm reading on the internets these days to share with you for your reading pleasure.

SMQ and Kyle are going toe to toe debating a college football playoff. Check it out for some interesting reading. Warning - Bring your dictionary. At times I find myself starting to go cross eyed and daydreaming until a picture of the lovely Kristen Davis brings me back to attention.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Bleeding Green Nation, SBNation's Philadelphia Eagles blog, had a few questions for me about Paul Posluszny. Apparently Eagles fans think (or hope) he might be wearing green next year. So go check that out.

Lastly, in the months to come you will start seeing some changes around good ol' BSD. Actually, it will probably magically happen over night while you're sleeping and the little gnomes come out to steal your socks and tie the cables behind your television in knots. SBN is focusing on making your time spent on our sites more enjoyable and enhance the community feel. To get a sneak peek, go check out the beta on Corn Nation, our Nebraska Cornhuskers blog. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion. I promise you the powers that be are listening very closely.

(Ed. Note: I have no idea when the changes will take place, but I'm really excited about it.)