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Looking Ahead to 2008 - Wide Receivers

Moving along with the look at recruiting, today we'll look at the wide receivers. First, a look at the 2007 roster.

Sr - Terrell Golden (6'3" 215 lb)
Sr - Brendan Perretta (5'7" 180 lb)
Jr - Mark Rubin (6'3" 213 lb)
Jr - Deon Butler (5'10" 166 lb)
Jr - Derrick Williams (6'0" 201 lb)
Jr - Jordan Norwood (5'10" 168 lb)
So - James McDonald (6'2" 189 lb)
So - Kevin Cousins (6'3" 205 lb)
So - Chris Bell (6'2" 200 lb)
Fr - Derek Moye (6'5" 195 lb)
Fr - Brett Brackett (6'6" 235 lb)
Fr - Jon Ditto (6'4" 220 lb)

Wide receiver is a position the Lions have done well in bringing in a few prospects every year. The top half of the class features a lot of speedsters. Terrell Golden and Mark Rubin were supposed to be the big physical wide receiver the coaches have been desperate for, but both players have been plagued by injuries and Rubin found himself fighting for playing time in the already loaded defensive secondary this year.

Recent classes feature several big receivers with nobody in the last two classes being under 6'2" tall. With Butler, Williams, and Norwood all set to start their junior years, it's time to start looking for their replacements. With several physical underclassmen receivers, the Lions should focus on bringing in some guys with speed that can stretch the field in this class.

I expect we will see Penn State bring in one, maybe two wide receivers with this class. Need is probably a 4 or 5 out of 10 here. They have a lot of talent in the development stages, but with quite a few guys getting close to running out of eligibility they have to be concerned about filling roster spots in case that younger talent doesn't develop as planned. They can afford to be selective and strike out at this point. Given that most of the upperclassmen are of the speed burner mode, they should try to focus on bringing in one or two kids with similar speed.

Targets Under Consideration

A.J. Alexander - 5'10", 185 lb, 4.39 - Altoona, PA (offered)
Kenny Tate - 6'4", 195 lb, 4.50 - Hyattsville, MD
Deion Walker - 6'3", 180 lb - Christchurch, VA (offered)
Jacob Stoneburner - 6'5", 215 lb, 4.53 - Dublin, OH (offered)
DeJuan Miller - 6'5", 200 lb, 4.61 - Metuchen, NJ