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Looking Ahead to 2008 Recruiting - Tight Ends

Moving ahead with our look at the next recruiting class, let's take a look at the tight ends. First, the tight ends on the 2007 roster.

Jr - Jordan Lyons
So - Francis Claude
So - Brennan Coakley
So - Mickey Shuler
So - Andrew Quarless
rFr - Brett Brackett (flex TE/WR)
Fr - Andrew Szczerba (may play OT)
Fr - Jon Ditto (flex TE/WR)

After several years with nobody claiming the tight end starting job, true freshman Andrew Quarless solidified himself as the starting tight end for the next three years. The only question is who will back him up and play the role of blocking tight end in the short yardage jumbo packages. Right now, that's not very clear at all and will be the focus of the coaches in spring practice.

Looking at all the youth at this position and the amount of talent they have brought in the past two years I would say our need at tight end is probably a three or four out of ten. We have a clear starter and several capable backups though no clear leader for the #2 on the depth chart. If Brackett, Coakley, Claude, Shuler or Ditto (Ditto is enrolled for the spring semester) make major strides in their development in the spring, we may see the coaches elect to skip a year and not bring in a tight end in the next class. We may also see incoming freshmen Szczerba and Ditto get switched to other positions. If nobody steps up and makes a serious push in the spring, I think we'll see the coaches bring in another tight end, though probably not more than one given the limited number of scholarships we have to play with. You also have to consider if there is a no-miss All American prospect out there begging the coaches to come play in Happy Valley, they'll find a place for him I'm sure. But most likely I don't think we'll bring in any tight ends in this class.

Targets Under Consideration

Jake Stoneburner - 6'5" 220 lb, 4.54 - Dublin, OH (offered, but probably OSU bound)
Kaleb Ramsey - 6'4" 255 lb, 4.7 - Uniontown, PA
Hubie Graham - 6'4" 225, 4.71 - Scranton, PA
Kyle Bogumil - 6'5" 220, Mountaintop, PA