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The Biggest Disappointments of 2006: #2 - Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly didn't suck as a freshman, did he? Upon further review he hit 16-of-23 field goals for a 70% success rate. Before blowing up and missing two field goals that would have won the Orange Bowl he was 15-of-20 for a 75% success rate. Not eye popping but pretty good for a true freshman. Surely you would think he would have improved as a sophomore.

Upon further review, he didn't. This year Kelly hit 22-of-34 for a success rate of 65%. He didn't make a major drop off from last year. The problem this year was the games were so much closer making his misses more gut wrenching. Last year many of his misses were in blowouts.

Kelly didn't get much help in the early part of the year. The coaches tried a few different combinations of snappers and holders after some fumbled snaps and he was dealing with a back injury. But by week four or five those kinks were worked out and from there it was mostly on Kelly. He was completely unreliable outside of 35 yards. Surprisingly, the coaches kept going to him, but by the end of the season you could tell it was affecting their decisions once they crossed the 50.

I suspect Joe and the Coaches may be raiding soccer practice this spring looking for a new walk-on.

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